WNBA Job Opening: Operations Coordinator, Atlanta Dream

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

This position is seasonal and responsible for all equipment at every home practice and home game, manages game uniforms, acts as Nike liaison, washing of practice uniforms, balls, preparation of court for visiting team practice, equipment interns, assist with travel, etc. (read full description)

Reports directly to coaching staff with administrative oversight by the GM. Position is responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Basketball interns - hire, train, manage

  • Athletes equipment, uniforms, locker room

  • Maintain inventory of equipment/clothing

  • Order equipment/clothing for athletes and staff

  • Visiting team liaison - practice, shoot around, game days

  • Ball kids program

  • Home travel needs - coach busses to/from airport

  • Road travel preparation - airlines, ground transport, hotel, per diem

  • Set up of practice and shoot around

  • Organize athletes cars/shipping or partner vehicles

  • Coordinate all apartments, furniture, cable, utilities

  • Coordinate vehicles and monthly updates

  • Limited video assistance

  • Travel with the Team

  • Other duties as assigned

Off-season duties:

  • Overseas updates for all athletes

  • Draft Boards

  • Help organize any camps and clinics

  • Prep for training camp - team rules booklet

  • Other duties as assigned


I am only sharing this job opening to help spread awareness of its existence. I am in no way affiliated with the fulfillment of this position or the organizations responsible for its' original posting or the execution of evaluating, interviewing, or hiring of applicants and potential candidates. Please follow the link provided above to apply on the company's website.

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